Saturday, 12 December 2015


The 2015 tour is slowly lurching into being. How is it that, despite good intent, we always leave it to last thing?

Keep watching for updates. Currently it looks like:

Friday Dec 18th

Mr Twitchetts (Stroud Sub Rooms) 19:15

Prince Albert, Rodborough 20:00
Ram, N Woodchester 21:00
Star, Whiteshill 22:00
Possibly one or two other stops along the way.

Sunday Dec 20th

Stroud Brewery (Crimbo fair) 12:30
Old Badger, Eastington (13:30 but probably late)
Rose & Crown, Nymspfield 14:00 (probably very late!)

Sat Jan 9th:

The Mummers' Unconvention, Stroud daytime (Wassail, wassail all over the town...) More details nearer the time.

The Friday tour raised £150.44 and 10 CZK. All takings will be donated to the Door Youth Project.

Update: the Sunday tour collected £175.29 and €2.02, bring the total so far to £325.73 and 10 CZK and €2.02. Thanks to our audiences for putting up with us!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Tour

Our tour in 2014 was:
Friday 19th December:
  • Star Inn (Whiteshill)
  • Prince Albert (Rodborough)
  • Ship (Brimscombe)
  • Royal Oak (N Woodchester)

Sunday 21st December:
  • Stroud Brewery Xmas Fair 13:00 
  • Old Badger (Eastington) 13:30
  • Rose & Crown (Nympsfield) 14:00 

All times are Morris time and so probably wrong...

We waved our jugs around for a collection and gave it all to Stroud MOBS (Mothers Offering Breastfeeding Support). A total of £205 was donated.

We could do with more players as it's hard getting everyone in the same place at the same tim near Christmas... Please contact us if you fancy a go!

Some pictures from the Sunday tour (thanks Janet!):

That's scary :-o

The above all at Stroud Brewery

L-R Jack Whinney, Devilly Doubt, Little Dr Brown, Bell Abub, Bold Capt. Rover, Lord Nelson, Father Christmas & King George.

The above six all at the Old Badger, Eastington

And finally, eight from the Rose & Crown, Nympsfield

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Stroud Mummers

We are a group of mummers, largely maintaining the legacy of the play performed by members of Stroud Morris men's side (now defunct although the Stroud Ladies are going strong).

We perform our play on a couple of days leading up to Christmas (except when snow and apathy ruled in 2010) in and around the Stroud area. We take a collection and give all of the takings to a local charity, preferably a small one to whom our small donation might make a bit of a difference. (Our donee in 2009 was The Door Youth Project in Stroud and again in 2011 and 2012).

There are only a few of us and we usually struggle to get enough players together to put on a performance so any offers of new talent would be welcomed. No acting skills are needed (and, indeed, are discouraged) and our practice usually comprises a quick run-through in a pub car park before our first performance of the season. However, performers must be prepared to make themselves look like idiots. In this we take pride.

Talking of which, here is a picture (Rose and Crown, Nympsfield, 2009):

and here's a video taken in the George, Frocester in 2008.

After several years without updates, we're back in 2013:

Friday 13th (oo-errr)

Village Inn, Nailsworth 19:45
Prince Albert (oo-errr), Rodborough 20:15
Star, Whiteshill 20:45
Edgemoor Inn, Edge 21:15

Sun 15th:

Old Badger, Eastington 13:00
Kings Head, Kings Stanley 13:30
Rose & Crown, Nympsfield 14:00

Fri 20th (tour still being organised):

Stroud Brewery, Thrupp  20:00
Ship Inn, Brimscombe 20:30
Somewhere else which turned out to be the British Oak

All times rough, like the acting. This year we have a new cast, same old jokes.

Total raised was £314.56  and €0.05 which will all be going to the Door Youth Project.

Contact us: Boney Part

(Note: some of us also dance with Chalford Stick Company Morris Dancers)